Temasek Foundation Commits More Than S$1 Million To Build Local Capability In Social Service And Mental Health Sectors

With a rapidly graying population of one in four citizens expected to be aged 65 and above by 2030, and an increasing prevalence of mental health issues, there is a need to be better prepared to take care of Singaporeans, young and old. To attract and encourage more Singaporeans to take up careers in the social service and mental health sectors, Temasek Foundation has committed $1.07 million to provide at least 88 study awards to eligible Singaporean students enrolling in relevant courses offered by Nanyang Polytechnic, Ngee Ann Polytechnic, Temasek Polytechnic, National University of Singapore, and Singapore University of Social Sciences. About half of these study awards will be offered to students from low-income backgrounds.

Lim Hock Chuan, Head, Programmes at Temasek Foundation, said: “More people are struggling with mental health conditions and more professional help is needed. With this suite of study awards, we hope to accelerate growth in the capacity and capability of the mental health sector by attracting more individuals to enter the sector, and equipping current social service professionals with the skills to help people with mental health challenges.”

A) Study Awards for Diploma Students from Low-income Backgrounds

To support students from low-income backgrounds to pursue career opportunities in social service sectors, 40 study awards will be offered to students taking up the following diplomas:

  • Diploma in Social Work (3 years) at Nanyang Polytechnic
  • Diploma in Community Development (3 years) at Ngee Ann Polytechnic
  • Diploma in Psychology Studies (3 years) at Temasek Polytechnic
  • Diploma in Social Sciences in Gerontology (3 years) at Temasek Polytechnic

The study awards help to cover educational expenses, as well as provide for living expenses while the student is studying.

Eligible applicants must be Singaporeans, with per capita income of not more than S$750 or gross household income of not more than S$3,000. 

B) Study Awards to Upskill Social Service Professionals or Mid-Career Switchers in Mental Health

At least 48 study awards will be offered to attract mid-career individuals looking to enter the mental health sector, or in-service social service professionals to support them in upskilling themselves with short courses relating to mental health. The awards cover the following courses:

  • Specialist Diploma in Youth Development & Mental Wellness (1 year) at Ngee Ann Polytechnic
  • Degree in Counselling (Part-time) at Singapore University of Social Sciences
  • Degree in Social Work (Part-time) at Singapore University of Social Sciences
  • Degree in Psychology (Part-time) at Singapore University of Social Sciences
  • Professional Certificate in Mental Health (5 months) at National University of Singapore

The study awards cover tuition fees after government subsidies (if applicable).

Eligible applicants must be Singaporeans who are currently working in or intending to join a social service organisation.

Sai Kashmmeera Nair was from the first batch of Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS) students who were awarded the Temasek Foundation Study Awards in July 2022. After graduating with a diploma in health management and promotion, she joined a social service agency that focuses on mental health, as a programme officer. Through her interactions with beneficiaries, Kashmmeera developed a passion to work with persons who have mental health challenges.

She said: “I value the meaningful interactions and rapport with beneficiaries as I am able to witness and journey with them in their pursuit of mental wellness. I felt compelled to further my studies in order to broaden my knowledge and improve my skill set. As such, I am truly grateful that I was awarded the Temasek Foundation Study Award which presented me with the opportunity to pursue my degree in psychology whilst gaining professional experience through my work.”

Mark Mak Ching Hoong, who is currently working on rehabilitation programmes in the mental health sector, has also received the Temasek Foundation Study Award to upskill himself at SUSS. He shared: “I enjoy working alongside people with mental health conditions. I believe their mental health conditions need not define who they are or confine what they can do. My dream is to be able to play a part in their lives, to help them see that not only their needs can be met, but their potential can also be reached. I am grateful for the Temasek Foundation Study Award as it gives me tangible support and affirmation to further my studies to enhance my skills and knowledge in making a difference in others. I hope my involvement in supporting people with mental health conditions will result in more recovery stories to be told that, in turn, will inspire others and beyond.”


Application Periods for Temasek Foundation Study Awards

Details of all the study awards are given in the Annex. The public may also contact the following for more information on their respective study awards:

Institution Next Intake Website Contact
Nanyang Polytechnic April 2023 6550 0388
[email protected]
Ngee Ann Polytechnic April 2023
6466 6555
[email protected]
National University of Singapore August 2023 6601 6731
[email protected]
Singapore University of Social Sciences July 2023 6240 8998
[email protected]
Temasek Polytechnic April 2023 6780 5959
[email protected]