Sport Singapore

The Play-Ability pilot programme seeks to provide persons with disabilities with more opportunities for regular participation in, and greater access to, sporting activities in the community. The programme will offer greater support for these persons to participate in recreational sport activities and for social interaction and relationship building with all in the community through sports.

Play-Ability also aims to address some of the barriers of entry to participation in sport in community spaces for - but not limited to - graduates from special education (SPED) schools and residents of special homes.

The programme leverages on ActiveSG’s inclusive sports facilities and schools to provide safe and conducive spaces for persons with disabilities, their caregivers, families and friends to bond through recreational sport. The sport facilities chosen will have disability-friendly options such as wheelchair ramps in swimming pools.

This pilot programme consists of three components: training for volunteer-coaches, provision of facilities and equipment, as well as transportation and caregiving services if required.