Our COVID-19 Journey

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In the Midst of Crisis

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Temasek Foundation and our partners
made these available for the community:

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International outreach efforts involved:

Uniting to Encourage Communities

The courage in our communities to face the challenge of COVID-19 is demonstrated in the way partners, volunteers and beneficiaries all stood together to help protect our nation and beyond.

Here’s a journey through our key initiatives, only made possible with the dedication and support of various partners who came alongside us.

Our COVID-19 Initiatives Began

March 2020


When the first case was reported in Singapore, the surge in demand made essentials like masks and hand sanitiser difficult to purchase. To meet the needs of the community, the #BYOBclean initiative provided 500ml zero-alcohol hand sanitiser to all households in Singapore.


bottles of hand sanitiser collected

> 20,000

volunteers from




Community Centres


CapitaLand Malls

Circuit Breaker

April 2020

Care Items For The Community

To help keep frontline workers, vulnerable communities as well as migrant workers in dormitories safe, Temasek Foundation provided a variety of care items that included various hand sanitisers, oximeters, masks, face shields, disinfectants and mouthwash. Community organisations such as nursing homes, charity clinics and social service centres also received essential supplies to support them in carrying out their regular operations safely.

S Devendran (second from left), Chief Executive Officer, Sree Narayana Mission Home, on receiving donations of essential items


Temasek Foundation supported this community-led initiative to source and distribute reusable masks to protect migrant workers and domestic helpers, who are an integral part of Singapore’s workforce, from the virus.

Panei Phyu (pictured), domestic helper from Myanmar, on how this initiative has helped her

> 1.6 million

reusable cloth masks

> 800,000

surgical masks

Distributed to:

> 500,000

migrant workers


domestic helpers

Standing with Our Neighbours

“I wish to thank Temasek Foundation and Yayasan Sultan Ibrahim Johor for the meaningful contribution that will be handed to hospitals in Johor based on their needs. The donated equipment will enable the staff at hospitals in Johor to better attend to patients.”

- Dr. Aman Rabu (left), Director, Johor State Health Department

My Mental Health

‘My Mental Health’ is a resource hub of mental health information to support persons who may be struggling with mental wellness during COVID-19. In addition to information, tips and other resource articles contributed by mental health professionals, the site contains a comprehensive directory of services, and features online forums and support groups where users can seek support for their mental health needs.

Nadya Duquaine, participant of Brave Network, on how this online support group has helped her.

Masks Sewn with Love

As circuit breaker measures were implemented in Singapore, this ground-up initiative rallied volunteers to sew reusable cloth masks to be distributed to vulnerable groups like frontline workers and the elderly. Temasek Foundation provided the non-woven melt-blown filters to enhance filtration efficacy.


> 250,000

mask packaging



melt-blown filters

“I had to say YES to this meaningful cause, despite being a busy stay-at-home Mum. My young girls Arielle and Alyssa have joined me in numerous community projects and staying home during the Circuit Breaker meant that we could do this together. One is never too young to contribute and volunteer. They helped with sorting out materials, counting them, stringing ear loops, packing, and writing messages on the stickers."

- Vivian Goh (centre), Homemaker, with her daughters

Meals Support Programmes

The effects of the circuit breaker measures were most keenly felt by vulnerable groups. Meals were provided to support individuals and families affected by the crisis with timely food security and relief.

Lee Say Chai (pictured) on how this initiative helped hawkers like himself

Lee Yung Ming and his thoughts about this initiative


meals provided

A New Normal

June 2020

Back to School

Students and teachers returned to school after a two-month circuit breaker. To assure them as well as their families, we provided essential items to encourage them to stay safe.

Elaine Chong (pictured), Preschool Educator at St. James’ Kindergarten, on how the care items have helped her school and students

> 650,000


> 42,000

staff received hand sanitiser, face shields and reusable masks

Supporting Our Friends in Asia

“The Foundation has generously offered to donate 20,000 Oxygen Concentrators to India. The ‘very timely’ donation will substantially aid our fight against COVID-19. As the machine obviates the need for transportation and refilling oxygen cylinders, they can be placed in the wards where such patients are provided care, and can be used at COVID care centres and railway coaches that have been repurposed as COVID care centres. They are especially useful in remote areas, where logistical constrains may hinder the continuous supply of oxygen cylinders.”

- Shri Ashwini Choubey (centre), Minister of State, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India

Back to Work

This initiative provided table-top separators with an anti-microbial coating to food and beverage outlets and polyclinics to enhance safety. Face shields were also given to frontline staff, chefs and food preparers.

Christian Bernard (pictured) on how the table-top separators are useful for diners

Table-top separators installed at


dining tables nationwide



face shields

Sharing with Our International Friends

“No country, no matter how big or strong it is, has been able to fight the repercussions of COVID-19 by itself. Jordan and Singapore, which maintained a longstanding relationship and cooperation, especially in areas of global commons, realized since the early beginning that they need to work and lend assistance to each other. In this regard, Temasek Foundation has taken the initiative at the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic by extending its support to Jordan. When Jordan reported its first cases of the disease back in early March, Temasek Foundation offered to provide Jordan with test kits for the detection of the virus. The donation was timely and assisted Jordan in building its repertoire of test kits which was a major factor in Jordan’s success in containing spread of the virus in the country and eradicating the local transmission.”

- H.E. Mahmoud Hmoud (extreme right), Ambassador of Jordan to Singapore


To encourage everyone to stay safe, the initiative provided a pair of anti-microbial reusable masks to every resident of Singapore through vending machines located nationwide.

Sophia Yeow on how she feels about the masks


vending machines nationwide

9.4 million

of MaskSafe DET30™ masks collected

Information as at 31 Aug 2020

Temasek Foundation Family Steps Up

With the unravelling of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Temasek Foundation family joined in the efforts to assist various initiatives, working alongside colleagues from Temasek and volunteers to decontaminate, sanitise or protect the various segments of society.

The team worked closely with international embassies and partners across borders, overcoming challenges like the scarcity of international flights due to border restrictions, to deliver essential medical equipment and test kits regionally and globally.