Temasek Foundation

Strengthening Singapore’s Core, Understanding Multiculturalism

The SG CORE pilot programme is a new ground-up community initiative that seeks to foster an appreciation of Singapore’s diversity and promote social cohesion and resilience through a better understanding of the country’s harmonious multicultural spirit and heritage.

Each run of the pilot programme consists of a tour of the Harmony in Diversity Gallery to foster an appreciation of Singapore’s multiculturalism; film-forums and workshops focusing on the evolution and challenges of our social plurality; and a video-forum that emphasises commonalities.

Participants in the programme include those from uniformed groups and security-related vocations, such as National Servicemen, honorary officers, the Volunteer Special Constabulary, and community policing volunteers.

Following the programme, participants will join the SG CORE Network, where they will have opportunities to serve alongside one another for local community service and strengthen the multicultural fabric of Singapore.